Wednesday, February 2, 2011


1.What blog could you use to find a good place to eat in Tempe?
2.What blog could you use to learn about how to invest in the stock market?
3.What blog could you use to learn about social media tools?
4.What blog could you use to learn about new video games?
5.What blog could you use to read movie reviews?
6.What blog would you use if you wanted to learn about where your favorite band/musician was playing?
7.What kind of information is found on the following blogs:
◦Boy Genius Report-Technology updates
◦Gadling-travel deals
◦Tnooz-brings news and analysis on travel and global issues
◦Off Wing Opinion- NHL news
◦Rotten Tomatoes-movie review blog◦Off Wing Opinion
8.What is the difference between a blog and a micro-blog?
A blog is one where you write a complete post on any topic, like we post on Micro blogging means, you just give a small update on any topic. like we do on

9.Is Wordpress a blog or a micro-blog?
10.What is an "Enterprise Micro-blog"?
A blog used to help your business.

11.Name one enterprise micro-blogging service.
12.Out of all the blog sites you visited, which one was your favorite? Please explain why?