Tuesday, May 19, 2009

well it is the night before i leave for vanguard university, where our team will have our briefing before leaving the country on friday. i can't believe the time is actually here! i'm hardly prepared.
my mom and i packed up everything in my house in tempe, because when i get back to the country i will be moving, to another house in tempe. (thanks again ma for all the help!) but i still haven't finished all of my organizing and packing for Asia. it's gunna be a late night :)

thank you all for you financial support and prayers!!

it was really hard to raise support this year, everyone knows the economy has been awful. but i reached my goal of raising half of the money, about $2,000. the other half i will be able to pay because of an absolute blessing in disguise.
2 years ago i was in a car accident, where my car was totaled, and it sent me to the hospital for some stitches, then later to the dentist for some pretty major work on my front tooth that actually died when my face hit the metal steering wheel. (i drove a 1963 vw bug meaning no airbags or seat belts, i know!)
Anyways, after paying off some medical bills, two years later i am finally getting the settlement money from the case. long story short, God had totally blessed me with a very large settlement, more than enough to send me to Asia. So because this money isn't really mine anyways, i didn't earn it and i don't deserve it, i'll be giving some of it back to God. it's His anyways.